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The role of brands & insights during a pandemic

We’re living in extraordinary times. People are suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic and economies are suffering because of the measures being taken to fight and contain the pandemic.

People are asking us, what should we be doing, what should we stop & how can we best help our customers and the wider community?

To help during this unprecedented situation, on 31 March we hosted a special (free) webinar presented by Ray Poynter where we shared:

• The Pandemic Timeline – planning for the short, medium & long term
• The Role of Human Experience (‘HX’), Research & Technology – guiding branding & comms in times of crisis
• Inspiring Examples – what some leading brands are doing already, and what brands have done in the past during times of crisis
• Recommendations – for internal processes & people, ongoing research & special research
• Extended Q&A – so we can answer all your questions

Recording now available:

Slides also available here:

What Now? Webinar from Jodie Roberts

Any questions? Email us at hx@potentiate.com

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More about Ray: As well as being the Chief Research Officer of Potentiate, Ray is a member of the ESOMAR Council, a Fellow of the MRS, founder of NewMR.org, author of books on market research and insights, and contributes to the production and use of industry reports such as the ESOMAR Global Market Research Report and GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends).

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31 March 2020

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*Please note, Platform One was formerly known as Potentiate