CX Software: Experience made easy

Easy to implement.
Easy to action.
Easy to improve.

Software and services that make it easier than ever to get a handle on human experience. With one place to collect, one place to understand, one place to design and one place to action improvements, you have everything you need without being overwhelmed.  

Customer Experience

Improve customer retention, increase advocacy, decrease cost to serve

Straightforward, action-oriented CX programs that cut through the noise to help you understand your customers, focus on improvements, and deliver clear outcomes.

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Employee Experience

Increase employee engagement and decrease churn

Harness the power of your employees with a tailored program designed to not only improve employee satisfaction, but customer satisfaction too. 

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Product Experience

Decrease time to market, increase adoption and de-risk decisions

Tap into your customers’ wants to help inform product and service innovation and go to market messaging.

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Brand Experience

Attract new customers, increase market share and uncover emerging trends

Understand customers' perceptions of your brand, what is working, what is not and how to fix it 

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Research Solutions

Have peace of mind with a full-service agency at your fingertips

From agile research methodologies to mainstream qual and quant, if you can think of it, we’ll work hard to deliver it.

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Our difference

CX Software: We are here to make it easy

Most experience programs are either completely self-service or so complex they rarely get implemented properly. At Platform One, our human-centric approach coupled with our world class platform, sets you up for success. We provide strategic advice, program management and hands on support, to help you can get the most from your software and deliver exceptional human experiences.

You'll be in good company

What our customers have to say

“As our partner now for over 5 years, Platform One delivers an excellent VOC program that provides valuable insight into what our customers are thinking. The service we receive is second to none, Platform One always assist us by looking at problems from different angles before providing a range of solutions.”

Scott Pears
Chief Executive Officer

“The work we do with Platform One, to really help identify and draw out some very valuable insights from our customers, really helps us to get a clear understanding of what we're doing well, where our opportunities for improvement are, and any particular friction points that we really need to be most focused on.”

Angus McDonald
Chief Executive Officer

"The Platform One VOC program is simple to use, however, it’s the human connection, with direct access to multiple stakeholders in the Platform One business, that has delighted Nissan. Strong communication, engagement and understanding client needs, has greatly aided the success of the VOC program for our brand."

John-Paul Falvo
National Manager - Customer, Retail Experience & VOC

“Using attitudinal segmentation in the community we are able to understand consumers by attitudes over demographics and purchase behaviour… allowing us to have more meaningful customer conversations.”

Alejandro Maggi
Senior Insights Manager - Analytics

“We gain considerably in efficiency and autonomy in our ways of interacting with our customers… It is a real saving of time and money. Studies that cost us 100[K] (prelaunch), cost us 30[K] today.”

Hervé Morice
Head of Consumers & Prospects

“The success of the Nissan Pulse Program is underpinned by the intuitive CX platform provided by Platform One. Feedback collection, analysis and case management is incredibly simple, which is the key to ensuring our whole Dealer network can enjoy the benefits of the program.”

Sarah Wray-McCann
National Manager - CX