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Move beyond experience measurement and management to something far more impactful.

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When was the last time your Experience Management program created real change?
While it is easy for Experience Management programs to deliver quick wins, making meaningful improvements overtime can be a struggle.

We have redefined Experience Management programs to drive continuous improvement.  Our programs deliver real impact, enabling you to make systemic change rather than putting out spot fires.

By taking a human-centered approach and combining it with a world-class platform that provides both breadth and depth of insight, you have all the tools at your fingertips to understand…..and act.

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Delivering breadth and depth of insight... fast.

Get the best of both worlds with breadth and depth all in a single platform.  Analyse customer feedback quickly and easily through your experience management program, then, deep dive into key areas of interest to uncover drivers and pain points through 1:1 conversations, group discussions, and intelligent personalization.

This two-pronged approach means you can work with your customers (and employees) to get to the root cause of issues (and solve them), improve experience, help inform product and service development and even create relevant marketing comms.  A truly human centric approach to understanding and acting on feedback that delivers results.

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Our difference

Solutions with a Service

We give you strategic advice and hands on support to get the most from your software and deliver exceptional human experiences.

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Why Platform One?

Global footprint with offices in the US, UK, Europe and APAC
Leading national and international brands
Continually growing
and innovating
Customer Experiences
Helping brands listen & learn from their customers

You'll be in good company

What our customers have to say

"The Platform One VOC program is simple to use, however, it’s the human connection, with direct access to multiple stakeholders in the Platform One business, that has delighted Nissan. Strong communication, engagement and understanding client needs, has greatly aided the success of the VOC program for our brand."

John-Paul Falvo
National Manager – Customer Experience & VOC

“The success of the Nissan Pulse Program is underpinned by the intuitive CX platform provided by Platform One. Feedback collection, analysis and case management is incredibly simple, which is the key to ensuring our whole Dealer network can enjoy the benefits of the program.”

Sarah Wray-McCann
National Manager - Customer Experience

“The work we do with Platform One, to really help identify and draw out some very valuable insights from our customers, really helps us to get a clear understanding of what we're doing well, where our opportunities for improvement are, and any particular friction points that we really need to be most focused on.”

Angus McDonald
Chief Executive Officer

“The miVoice community enables us to be truly customer led. We can co-create, test our ideas and gather new inspirations from our customers to help guide the decisions that we make and the products and services we implement”

Ian Jackman
Head of Customer Voice

“Using attitudinal segmentation in the community we are able to understand consumers by attitudes over demographics and purchase behaviour… allowing us to have more meaningful customer conversations.”

Alejandro Maggi
Senior Insights Manager - Analytics

“The consumer has always been at the heart of all we do at Carman’s and the community has given us a level of closeness and insight that we’ve never had before.”

Carolyn Creswell
CEO, Carman's Fine Foods

“We gain considerably in efficiency and autonomy in our ways of interacting with our customers… It is a real saving of time and money. Studies that cost us 100[K] (prelaunch), cost us 30[K] today.”

Hervé Morice
Head of Consumer Science and Shopper Division

“There are very few areas of the ABC now who don’t look to our Insight Community to inform decision making, from marketing, to content makers, analysts and our strategy team.”

Leisa Bacon
Director Audiences

“By understanding our audiences better through our insight communities, we are able to strategically deliver value to advertisers and enhance the SCA experience across multiple networks.”

Jasmine Beech
National Sales Research Manager

“As our partner now for over 5 years, Platform One delivers an excellent VOC program that provides valuable insight into what our customers are thinking. The service we receive is second to none, Platform One always assist us by looking at problems from different angles before providing a range of solutions.”

Scott Pears
Chief Operating Officer