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Platform One is an all-in-one Experience Management and Insight Community platform. It is powerful, enterprise-grade software minus the eye-watering price tag

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One platform, many applications

Customer Experience

Capture feedback and drive loyalty at every customer touchpoint. Empower your team with the tools they need to quickly identify and resolve both individual case and systemic business issues

Automate your data capture

Send mobile optimised surveys throughout the customer journey via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Web Intercepts

Create a powerful data asset

Build out your data universe, merging continuous feedback data, ad hoc pulse surveys and operational data sets

Interrogate your data for customer insight

Search and filter meaningful data visualisations to uncover your customer truths

Close the feedback loop

Build custom rules to trigger real-time action plan alerts and escalations, converting detractors into promoters

Identify macro trends

Task individuals with key business improvements, leading to long-lasting positive change

Employee Experience

Go beyond your annual, static employee feedback survey and gather data in the moments that truely matter. Identify wider issues, reduce churn and improve overall employee satisfaction

Capture in-the-moment feedback

Time your surveys so they pop-up at key points along the employee lifecycle

Ensure the right data gets into the right hands

Build hierarchical, role-based filters to control the flow of information and put actionable data into the relevant hands

Control employee anonymity

Use base size thresholds to control the anonymity of your data sets throughout your data visualisations

Leverage employee knowledge

Gather feedback on your on products and services. Gain a more holistic view of your business and uncover new ideas

Insight Communities

Engage community members in on-going conversations with our suite of fully integrated qual and quant research tools. Collect rich timely data to feed into your decision making process

insight community platform
Launch your member site and app

Get started with one of our templated, brandable mobile-first sites, or build a bespoke community website. Use our native app to bring the community directly to customers' smartphones

Build a thriving community

Segment your member base and interact with smaller groups and individuals to drive participation

Enrich your quant with qual and vice versa

Pick from unlimited Surveys, Quick Polls, Forums, Diaries and Live Chats. Run projects individually or sequentially

Spot insights in an instant

Quickly make sense of member posts with our NLP-powered moderation and qual analytics tools

Merge multi-project data

Export multi-project data into any industry standard format, or bring your data to life using our data visualisation tools

Panel Management

Supercharge your efficiency, response rates and revenue streams. Take your panel to the next level with our automation tools, scalability and enterprise-grade security

Collect quality profile data

Create an automated deployment schedule and refresh profiles in real time as members participate in surveys

Generate extra revenue

Extend your panel capabilities by using our integrated qual tools to open up new revenue streams

Query any data point and merge with ease

Query any data point the platform holds, from survey responses to participation data

Use our first-in-class automated sampling

Set your sampling targets then let the platform work out who to contact, and when, so you achieve your required completes

Reward your members

Automate your financial incentives processing and gamify project completion to keep members coming back for more

One platform, six product suites

Pick and choose from our suite of products to build the solution you need

connect logo

Our feedback management hub makes it easy for you to configure your projects, manage members or panelists, and output your feedback data. Let our automation tools do the heavy lifting when it comes to sampling, project sequencing and incentivisation.

dialog logo

Our dialog tools are built to automate, enhance and optimise your experience management programme. Build structures to deliver feedback data to the right people at the right time. Empower your team with the tools they need to make fast decisions and drive change.

discover logo

Our member sites offer a simple and intuitive way for community members to provide you with the qual and quant data you need. Interact with community members in a familiar and engaging way through social media style discussions, live chats and surveys.

spotlight logo

Removes the labour intensive task of categorising qualitative data, freeing you up to focus on delivering insight rich results to stakeholders, at pace. Let the latest in AI and machine learning trawl through hundreds, even thousands of posts, so you don't have to.

vision logo

Our visualisation hub brings all your data together into one dashboard interface. From ad hoc insight community projects to continuous experience management data, Vision provides instant access to data and trends using our suite of smart charting and crosstab tools.

now logo

Our app suite delivers in-the-moment data collection, visualisation and action. for insight community projects direct to members smartphones. for key KPls. for on-the-go action plan management.

Powerful, enterprise-grade
software at prices you can afford

transparent pricing

Save with transparent pricing designed to suit all budgets

Put off by the up-front investment and hidden costs associated with competitor platforms? Then get in touch. Simple pricing structures, entry level offerings and scalable solutions give you access to enterprise-grade infrastructure and tools, whatever the size of your business.

diy platform

Step away from managed services with DIY

Our simple and intuitive platform is built for DIY, with a step-by-step onboarding process we’ll be there to guide you as you get comfortable with our tools, before you reap the financial and operational benefits of managing your Insight Community or Experience Programme in-house.

frictionless transition

Enjoy a frictionless transition and pay once — not twice

We know transitioning from one platform to another can be challenging. To remove the stress of  tight turnarounds, or the expense of dual licencing, we won’t charge you for core licencing during a pre-agreed transition period for any of our products.

data quality

Never question your data quality

If you’re tired of the ‘quality’ conversation, or you’ve had doubts around whether you’re speaking to the right people, why not take ownership and recruit into your own community or panel.

data security

Manage feedback data securely

Our robust security processes are regularly reviewed and audited as part of our ongoing ISO 27001 certification. Our commitment to data security ensures the banking sector and some of the world's largest brands trust us with their customers' personal data.

ISO 27001

latest technology

Keep ahead with the latest technology

Your needs will change. Agile methods allow us to pivot and quickly adapt to the ever-changing world we all live in, steering our platform in the direction of new and emerging trends as they surface and evolve. We’re believers in letting our users drive the development roadmap, so you can be sure our tools will align with your changing needs.

Innovation is our oxygen


"Customer centricity is not just an opportunity for growth, but a necessity to survive. Traditional Experience Management and Insight Community platforms require deep pockets. My mission has been to redress the supply/demand imbalance by creating a unique platform which connects the business transformation tools of an Experience Management Programme with the ability to maintain a continuous dialogue through Insight Communities at an affordable price-point."

Jon Gumbrell, Founder & CEO


“It’s my job to drive us to continuously raise our design standards and capabilities, making sure design forms part of our core business strategy. Customer feedback is an essential part of our product design process and myself, Jon and Pete have all been users of the type of software we build, giving us a unique insight into and perspective on our customers’ challenges."

Claire Bickerton, Chief Design Officer


"I firmly believe in customer centricity and aim to ensure everyone in our fully remote Platform One team embraces feedback from both existing and prospective customers. From an initial conversation to long term partnerships, I believe we must listen in detail to your requirements and challenges, resulting in a platform that meets your needs, as well as a smooth and pleasurable end-to-end customer experience.”

Peter Flower, Chief Operating Officer


"I am proud to lead a top-notch, versatile and enthusiastic team of software engineers. I believe that achieving and maintaining the right mix of People, Process and Product is critical to both our current and future business success. Getting this balance right is what I - with the help of my dedicated and talented leadership team here in Colombo, Sri Lanka - am passionate about delivering."

Abeetha De Silva, CEO Engineering


"Innovation isn’t something we do once in a while at Platform One, it’s a mindset and a fundamental part of our company culture. Leading the Customer Experience Management team has been an immensely rewarding experience and I love the technical challenge that comes with turning complex and ambitious ideas into working products. As Peter Drucker once said “Innovation opportunities do not come with the tempest, but with the rustling of the breeze.”

Gayan Dinushka, Architect & Team Lead


"True success in a software product is not easy. It requires tenacity, attention to detail and creativity. Success begins with a deep understanding of our customers’ markets — the challenges they face, the opportunities that excite them, the expectations of their own customers and employees. This knowledge, blended with the right technical skills and attitude, means we have been able to build a well-structured, resilient and scalable software product that meets our customers needs."

Janith Keerthisinghe, Architect & Team Lead


"I know that merely satisfying customers is not enough to earn their long-term loyalty. Instead, we must strive to deliver an exceptional level of customer service, one that is worthy of our clients repeat business and referrals. As Support Team Lead I aim to ensure that every day we solve our customers’ problems better and faster than the last."

Niluk Wellala, Support Team Lead

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