We’re insight community experts. HX Community can make you one too.

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A direct link to your customers

Ideate, co-create, and concept test with your customers, faster than ever.  HX Community provides a direct two-way communication channel between you and your customers.  Their feedback helps to inform your marketing, product innovation, and communication. What’s more, the ability to test and learn through the community also de-risks decisions and avoids costly mistakes.

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Truly agile

A truly agile solution that delivers rapid insight in minutes, not months. HX Community is cost-efficient too - up to 75% more cost-effective than traditional research.

Proven expertise

Now you can have a direct dialogue with your customers - anytime you like!

Our clients have been able to make business decisions within 24 hours  - and they've reaped the rewards with record sales! When you ask your customers exactly what they want, you get the answers you need to confidently execute a strategy, campaign, or product launch.

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Key Features

All your bases are covered

Qual & Quant

Undertake both quantitative and qualitative research.

Sharpened focus

Progressive profiling allows for deep segmentation and more relevant targeting.

Engaging conversations

Custom designed engagement hubs that facilitate two-way conversations.

Sophisticated functionality

Integrations with CRM systems to augment customer data and extend functionality. Intuitive drag and drop interface with an extensive range of question types and templates. Forums to enrich understanding through conversations.

Smart analysis

Text and sentiment analysis to uncover hard to find hidden insights.

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We’re insight community experts. HX Community can make you one too.

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