We’ve got your business back, front and sides covered. If you can think of it, we’ll work to deliver it for you. That’s the benefit you get from a full-service agency. And we'll have some fun along the way!

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Researchers & Strategists at your fingertips

Our people are your people. Our dedicated researchers & strategists will immerse themselves in your business and work closely with you to tackle your business challenges and uncover the insights you need to drive your business forward.

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No job too big or too small

We love the big chunky research projects but are equally happy to tackle the smaller jobs. Whether it's a brand health check, product development research, product quality, customer journey mapping or anything in between, we're here for you.

Proven expertise

Our Head of Research is one of the World's best

Ray Poynter is based in the UK, where his experience spans an impressive 40 years in the marketing and market research industry. His drive to deliver research excellence, along with his unwavering dedication, is a huge benefit to both clients and the industry alike. Ray leads an incredible global team of senior researchers at Potentiate who are praised by our clients for their commitment, can-do approach and, of course, delivering on actionable insights.

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Key Features

All your bases are covered

New product development and market sizing

We’re on to finding those opportunities before your competitors even get out of bed.

Pricing strategy

Setting pricing strategies based on your customers’ perceived value.

Advertising optimisation

Optimising offers and communications to get advertising moving fast.

UX and design testing

Make it as accessible and easy as possible.

Bespoke Studies

We apply best-practice techniques and approaches – with a big sprinkling of innovation – to help create a platform for success.

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