Discover how Platform One is helping our customers
achieve their business outcomes.

Carsales uses insight communities to fine tune the seller experience.
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George Weston Foods
GWF uses research and insight communities to track customer trends.
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Sodebo uses their insight community to understand and collaborate with their customers.
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Amart Furniture Retail Customer Experience Case Study
Amart Furniture uses their Voice of Customer program to help them deliver exceptional experiences.
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Nissan's Customer Experience
Discover how Nissan Australia increased satisfaction across both their Sales & Service customers using Platform One's customer experience program.
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Are Media (formerly Bauer Media)
Are Media uses their insights community to connect with over 10,000 women.
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Bauer Media Group - UK
Bauer Media Group - UK used their insight community to gain valuable insights in a rapidly changing world during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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The Westpac Group store, search, share and visualise their data all in one place with Insights Hub.
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