Customer Experience

Rapport 2021 sur lestendances de l’expérienceclient (CX)

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In the early days of CX, businesses focussed on monitoring metrics and looking at trends over time. Now, as programs mature, we are seeing a shift towards taking meaningful action on customer feedback. This is not limited to resolving individual customer issues through closed loop feedback systems, but going deeper, identifying recurring problems and making systematic changes across the organization to improve customer experience.

Sophisticated companies are starting to dive deeper into customer experience, using what we call a “T-shaped insights” approach. With T-shaped insights, businesses use CX to look at the breadth of customer experience, coupled with an insight community of loyal customers to deep dive into pain points that the CX program uncovers. Members of the insight community not only collaborate on potential solutions to address the problem at hand, but can also help with concept testing. It is a great way to de-risk the decision-making process, prior to rolling out solutions within a business.

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