Transforming Traditional CX

Customer Experience

Transforming Traditional CX

August 17, 2023
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Is your CX program delivering the results you had hoped for?

While CX programs are terrific at providing a broad overview of customers’ experiences with your brand, they often struggle to give you the depth of insight that you need to confidently act.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a handle on your customer experience plus get the rich answers you need to make informed decisions? Answers that not only help you stop recurring problems in their tracks, but also inform product & service development, marketing comms and yes, deliver positive customer experiences.

Well now you can.  

At Platform One, we have developed the next generation of CX program.  A program that not only measures and manages customer experiences, but also provides deep understanding of customers’ wants and needs.

We call this a “T-Shaped” approach that delivers both breadth and depth.  The breadth is achieved through large-scale customer experience measurement and listening, focusing on the interactions between the brand and its customers.  The depth is achieved by diving deep through 1:1 conversations, discussions, and intelligent personalization, which work with customers over time to help co-create the future of the brand.

In practical terms, how the next generation program works is that the CX component monitors ongoing experience across your customer base and identifies pain points.  The intelligent deep dive works in tandem with the CX program, deep diving into those pain points to identify the underlying root causes and then co-creating solutions to solve them.  Over time, using this methodology you can anticipate and solve for problems before they even occur.  Deep dives also have the added benefit of being able to inform product and service development from ideation through to concept testing, UX testing and ad testing.

If you would like to move beyond traditional CX to something far more impactful, please reach out.

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