T-shaped insights | research that gets closer to your customers


T-shaped insights | research that gets closer to your customers

Ray Poynter
Ray Poynter
August 17, 2023
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At Platform One, our focus is on HX (Human Experience), which we believe is the next step after CX and UX. So, how can you understand what Human Experience means?

One way is through T-shaped insights, which is an approach to understand your customers, the services you are giving them, and the relationship between your brand and the wider human experience, that combines breadth and depth.

What do we mean by breadth & depth?

The breadth is achieved through large-scale customer experience (CX) research, focusing on the interactions between the brand and its users / customers i.e. driven by experiences.

The depth is achieved by using insight communities. An insight community works with customers over time to help co-create the future of the brand, allowing you to understand questions such as “Why?”, “Why now?” and “What if?”

What can I learn from a CX program?

CX has come a long way over the last decade, delivering ever greater levels of granularity and richness in terms of reporting. CX programs allow brands to see how services are delivered, how that service is received, and to look at trends and changes.

We can think of CX as being like the diagnostics a driver receives from their car. The CX system tells the driver about the speed, the engine temperature, whether the indicators are on, and - through new technology - can provide information about route, speed, traffic cameras etc. However, the technology that helps you drive your car does not help you decide where to go. That is a much more human need and requires a deeper understanding.

What about Insight Communities?

Insight or online communities (in this case, I am thinking specifically of long-term communities, with thousands of members, that facilitate quant, qual, and longitudinal analysis) allow brands to explore customers in a human-focused way. Examples of T-Shaped synergy include:

1. Exploring why CX scores have gone up (or down).
2. Finding out how to change the product to improve experiences (which is then tracked via the CX program).
3. Understanding unmet needs and unreported problems, leading to new products and services and improved CX measurement.

How Potentiate Uses T-Shaped Research?

At Potentiate, we focus on Human Experience (HX), something that moves beyond just CX and UX, something that puts people - not the product or service - at the centre of everything we do.


This shift to Human Experience is being delivered by our commitment to being ‘Disruptive, Smart and Innovative’.

We need to disrupt old ways of doing business. Too many brands are still technology or design-led, when they need to focus on people. We need to adopt new smart technologies (from video to text analytics to prescriptive analytics). We also need to use innovation to help our people, our customers, and their customers to co-create the future of brands.

By combining Platform One's easy-to-use CX programs with online communities, we are helping brands manage the day-to-day customer experience, while using communities to help them dive into the wider lives, hopes and aspirations of their customers – creating a human-centric, not just customer-centric view.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how Communities and CX can be combined to create T-shaped research, email us at info@platform1.cx. Ray Poynter, or another member of the team, will get back to you with more information.

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*Please note, Platform One was formerly known as Potentiate