How to create positive relationships with the people you work with

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How to create positive relationships with the people you work with

August 17, 2023
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"Unconditional positive regard".

A difficult concept and quite challenging to implement, but it can really help us navigate the workplace. Practising is no doubt difficult - working with someone who does not share your beliefs, core values or passion…to unconditionally regard them with positive intent – without judgement, cynicism and no negative bias, is hard work. Exhausting work even.

Can we do it? Think of the people you interact with every day; whether at work, the café or even in your social group, imagine having to hold them in unconditional positive regard. I couldn’t do it. Nor am I thinking I should. But how do you decide with which person you should practise this thinking? How perceptive and intelligent must you be to be able to do this?


No doubt, this practise is critical in Executive roles in people-centric organisations. As a Senior Leader, you want to help your team show up for themselves and their team – ultimately, being the best version. Your team should be able to come to you without fear of judgement, criticism or apprehension.

We are Human, and as Humans we only have so much capacity for this type of behaviour. It is really hard to maintain this kind of thinking and carry it out in the workplace. Especially when there are competing deadlines, client demands and other stressors in our own lives. But right now, it takes a conscious attempt and use of energy to make this happen. Whether at work or at home, there is an expectation on every interaction. We open ourselves to either being pleased or dissatisfied. If we are pleased, it’s easy to be positive towards others. If we’re dissatisfied, we don’t look for the positives in that person or that particular interaction.

So, what can we do?
Be of service. Want to help. Let your intention be to create a better tomorrow. Empathise, and try to get the best solution for all. Put aside your judgement, and criticism – if your values are challenged, respectfully acknowledge and try to reach a solution.

Listen to all the thought leaders, clinical and organisational psychologists, human behaviour experts and hear what they are saying – you feel better, about yourself and everything around you, when you help others.  When you help your team or colleagues to do something, 9/10 they appreciate it. We know that helping and being of service to others in the workplace increases engagement, creates an intrinsic attachment and promotes inclusivity. You know that when we are trusted to do our work, we produce our best work.

It’s exhausting work, but it is worth it.

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