How can CX management lead to CX improvement?

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How can CX management lead to CX improvement?

Melissa Riley
Melissa Riley
August 17, 2023
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We all know that CX or VOC programs have grown exponentially within organisations in recent years. As a customer, you’ve probably noticed a significant increase in the number of invites you receive from companies, asking you to provide feedback about them.

This is great news; it shows that many companies have taken the first step in the long journey to become truly customer-centric organisations. However, the measurement program is just this, the first step. And sadly, this is where many organisations stall.

The key question then becomes, what are businesses doing with all the feedback collected?

• Is the data thoroughly analysed to identify pain points and their root causes?
• Is the analysis shared with all relevant stakeholders?
• Do stakeholders take action on the insights provided, to implement changes to the business that will improve customers’ experience?
• Are these actions prioritised within the organisation?
• Are initiatives related to improving customers’ experience seen as an investment or a cost?

Most organisations would answer ‘No’ to most, if not all, of the questions above. This would place them in a lower maturity level in their CX journey, where measurement is the main focus, not action.

There are opportunities to improve most CX programs. In particular, organisations need to commit to embarking on a true customer-centric transformation journey. Feedback should be collected, not only to report a KPI to the board, but as a driver to implement changes to products, services and processes.

A truly effective CX program should ultimately improve customers’ lives.

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