COVID-19 Support


COVID-19 Support

August 17, 2023
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It goes without saying that businesses have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. The degree to which the impact has been felt varies vastly. From working across so many clients from across so many industries and monitoring the situation very closely, we've found businesses generally fall into one of four quadrants: Hibernate, Hunker Down, Operate and Pivot (for more info, click here).  

We have a number of resources to support our clients during this time, see below for reference:

What Next? | Will Australians bounce back to pre-COVID ways? - 2 June | Recording available
What Next? | Inspiring responses from brands during the pandemic - 6 May | Recording available
What Now? The role of brands & insights during a pandemic - 31 March |  Recording available
100% Human | Discover why UX & CX are evolving toward Human Experience (HX) - 25 March | Recording available

Human Behaviour Post Lockdown
What are Australians going to do now the lockdowns are easing? By Bianca Scott (Australia) 18 May 2020
Australia Post-lockdown report | available now - Register your interest (quote 'AU report' in the comments)

Scenario Thinking:
No! You can’t stop research until things get back to normal. You need to utilise Scenario Thinking By Ray Poyner (UK) 28 April 2020

Employee Engagement:
Working From Home? Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. | By Ray Poyner (UK) 15 April 2020
Employee Engagement survey (enquire via email:

Insight Community Engagement:
Keeping It Light In Lockdown By Emma Clark (Australia) 5 May 2020

Brand Responses:
Where do you sit in the brave new world? by Bianca Scott (Australia) 30 April 2020
5 Inspiring Brand Responses to COVID-19 by Jodie Roberts (Australia) 30 April 2020
How to optimise your CX program during COVID-19 By Jodie Roberts (Australia) 7 April 2020
Customer Experience Strategies in the “New Normal” by Richard Clarke (US) 7 April 2020
How brands are responding to lockdown By Emma Clark (Australia) 30 March 2020
How brands act now will be remembered later By Emma Clark (Australia) 30 March 2020

Potentiate's Corporate Response:
A message from our CEOUpdated 29 April 2020

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