5 reasons why instantly knowing what your customers think will grow your business

Customer Experience

5 reasons why instantly knowing what your customers think will grow your business

Vasha Azoor
Vasha Azoor
August 17, 2023
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1. The Loyalty Payback

Addressing and resolving a customer issue will be rewarded with loyalty

Our research shows, that a customer whose issue is successfully resolved, is more likely to recommend you than an average customer.

The emotional bond formed through the process, and the demonstration of the value the business places on fulfilling their promise to the customer, builds the relationship.

If you have a live feedback mechanism that your team is motivated to monitor, and action, getting issues resolved is easier. Without the live feedback mechanism, many customers won’t complain and, at worst, won’t come back.

2. Prevent the Vent

Unhappy customers are more likely to share negative feedback about your brand with friends and family

Failure to resolve customer issues often results in a disgruntled customer bad mouthing your business. And we all know the old truism that an unhappy customer tells an average of 10 people about their bad experience (further amplified via social media).

If you’re collecting and acting on negative experiences, rather than waiting for them to resort to social media, you can protect the trust associated with your brand. If word of mouth is the most potent form of marketing, bad mouthing via word of mouth is absolutely going to undermine your brand.

3. Action Orientation: Let’s fix this

With great knowledge sharing comes great responsibility

When your team is empowered with knowledge, you give them motivation to act. Through accessing a live Voice of Customer program, and with visibility of a negative datapoint, your team is galvanised into action and everyone can work towards improving it.

To quote Peter Drucker, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’.

The scores your team receive can be turned around in a matter of hours. Based on the successful resolution of an issue, you can be assured your team knows they can influence positive change. This means they will more willingly take responsibility, rather than palming off the problem as a management issue.

4. Immediacy is paramount

We live in the generation of ‘now’

As a customer, if it takes a week for a retailer to respond when you’ve raised an issue, you aren’t going to be happy. Why? Because a week after you complained, you’ve probably vented to most of your friends and, in the most human of ways, moved on with your life to do something else which will gratify you.

While you may feel satisfied with the resolution you eventually receive, the emotional payback is likely to be lower. And the damage to the retailer brand may already have been done (see point 2 above).

Getting back to your customers within a quick time frame is much more likely to result in a turnaround story for the relationship, and a heightened emotional bond.

According to Accenture’s report on the 2020 customer, “Consumers now … seek quicker resolution and fewer hassles— and if companies don’t move faster, they’ll move on”

5. Execution is the strategy

It’s not just about having a great vision for your business, it’s about aligning your business to delivering it.  If you’re not delivering on your brand promise, then your business will not prosper.

We all need an early warning system, to alert us to when our promise has not been kept in the eyes of our customers. That is what a great CX program is all about; ensuring that what we deliver is brilliant end-to-end and across all the touchpoints. When one part of the relationship is a let-down, it’s critical to rebuild that relationship and make it stronger.

A live, immediate warning system will enable faster issue identification and hopefully nip issues in the bud before they become a full blown crisis.

Contact us for a demonstration of our live CX platform, which can be customised to your business and your needs, and empower your team to take action to deliver to your business promiseThrough the successful implementation and embedding of Voice of Customer programs for our clients, we are consistently seeing the positive impact that live and instantaneous feedback, has on their businesses. Here’s what you’ll gain from a fully live Customer Experience program:

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