HX Hub is a simple but smart solution for storing all your files. All your research, reports, images and video files are kept safe, but within easy reach. It’s the place your information calls home.

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Bank all your knowledge

Are you wasting too much time trying to find important documents, with less time to use them? HX Hub is your answer.

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Your life just got a whole lot easier

You and your team can easily upload files and then share them right across your business, using role-based access levels. The system will send a notification whenever new material is uploaded, so you never miss a beat.

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Everything you need at your fingertips

But wait, there’s more. HX Hub has a powerful keyword search within documents. Simply type your search and bingo! In a trice, you’ll find exactly what you’re after – no matter how vast your knowledge bank is.

Easy & Fast

Everyone on the same page

HX Hub Is used to being popular. If you have master documents that need to be accessed across your business, you’ll visit HX Hub every day. Marketing materials. Templates. Best practice guides. Process guides, legal documents - you name it – with  HX Hub, everything is just a click away. So rest easy, knowing that your people can find just what they’re looking for. And when they use the advanced search functionality, they’ll spot it with ease & speed - perfect!

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Key features

All your needs covered

Easy file upload and tagging

Making it easy to categorise and most importantly find exactly what you're looking for.

Role-based access

Get the right information to the right people with role-based access.

In document word search

You know it's somewhere, but your file names are ambiguous - in document word search is your answer.

New material notifications

Want to be kept in the loop? No problem! HX Hub will let you know whenever there's a new file uploaded.

Accommodates multiple file types

Including DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4 and more

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