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Potentiate once again named in the Global 2021 Most Innovative Companies

Jodie Roberts
July 14, 2021
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For the second year running, Potentiate has been named in the GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) Top 50 Most Innovative Companies globally, moving up the ranking by an impressive 10 places; as well as debuting in the Top 20 Full Service Agencies.

Conducted twice a year, the GRIT Report is the most comprehensive and widely-read analysis of the insights industry today. The Top 50 list is voted on by research and insights specialists from around the world.

Lenny Murphy, Executive Editor of GreenBook says, “When we last conducted this version of GRIT, the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to unfold. In this [latest] report we apply an additional lens of how that situation has impacted the industry a year into it, with some surprising results. Who has prospered, who has struggled, and where do we go from here are questions we explore deeply and provide our take on what those answers mean for both buyer and supplier organizations.”

Potentiate Head of Innovation, Daniel Alexander-Head goes onto say, “The team is excited to have climbed up the rankings from last year. In the last 12 months, we have spent a lot of time listening to the market, to understand what challenges are not being addressed, and focused our attention in resolving those problems. We have a number of exciting announcements to continue this momentum in the second half 2021, stay tuned!”

Potentiate specialises in ‘Human Experience’, combining research excellence with technology-inspired solutions. With its unique ‘SwaS’ (Solutions with a Service) approach, Potentiate helps clients, including Toyota, ING, Nestlé, News Corp and Kenwood, fulfil their potential by understanding their customers as real people, not just data points.

The latest GRIT report, using data collected in Q1 and Q2 of 2021, is now available. This edition is the Business & Innovation Report, focussing on understanding the changing dynamics of the macro drivers of the industry, as well as the role that innovation (including the companies most identified as innovative) plays in that evolution.

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About Potentiate

Potentiate is a global market research agency with a specific focus on human experience (‘HX’) – helping clients fulfil their potential by understanding their customers as real people, not just data points.

We believe in service not software. We combine research excellence with technology-inspired solutions. Our SwaS (Solutions with a Service) approach means you can tap into our talented team of insight consultants, technologists & data scientists, to help find the right solutions to solve your business challenges and drive positive outcomes.

About GreenBook

GreenBook has been an innovator in the industry since 1962, beginning as a subsidiary of the American Marketing Association’s New York chapter. The company quickly evolved into the GreenBook Directory of marketing research companies and facilities. Today, GreenBook connects marketers and market researchers with people, information and ideas that generate results. Through IIeX events, the GreenBook Blog, the GreenBook market research directory, and the GRIT Report, GreenBook provides the learning and inspiration insights professionals need to succeed.

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Jodie Roberts

Client Communications & Development Director

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Jodie Roberts

Jodie Roberts is the Client Communications and Development Director for Potentiate. She works closely with clients embedding voice of customer programs in to their business, and is dedicated to providing consultancy on how to continually improve their customer experience. Contact us for a live demonstration of Potentiate's Voice of Customer programs or contact Jodie directly

*Please note, Platform One was formerly known as Potentiate