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Season 2 | Episode 7 - Alicia Lykos - Red Wolf Group

Ray Poynter
November 9, 2021
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Season 2 - Episode 8 of our Podcast series has arrived and we're thrilled to have Alicia Lykos, CEO and Founder of Red Wolf Group and long term partner of Potentiate as our special guest.

In this episode, Alicia dives in to "The Great Resignation" - a phenomenon that is sweeping businesses around the world. The Great Resignation (or Big Quit) generally refers to people leaving jobs to find alternative options in what some economists would consider to be a tight labour market. Employees are not generally opting out of the workforce altogether but looking for new and different opportunities, generally where they feel either better valued or where they think they can make a difference.

The pandemic has been largely the cause of what is being coined as significant workplace disruption.

Alicia shares how The Great Resignation should be seen by CEOs and their management teams as a rare opportunity to add value to the work of current staff. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to attract new team members to ensure a sustainable workforce during these uncertain times.

Tune in today.

About Alicia Lykos - Founder and CEO of Red Wolf Group

Alicia Lykos is the founder and CEO of Red Wolf Group, a maverick in the industry, challenging the traditional approach to HR and people strategy. With her natural ability to combine science and data with a deep understanding of human behaviours, she’s passionate about empowering workplaces to inspire, ignite and nurture leaders at all levels and create high performing teams using science. Alicia is a trusted adviser to many CEOs around the country. Prior to starting her own business, she was the HR Director for multiple software companies and remains deeply connected to the IT and professional services industry. In 2019, The Predictive Index recognised Alicia as one of the fastest growing Talent Optimisation practitioners in the world.

*Please note, Platform One was formerly known as Potentiate