Customer Experience Management

Deliver exceptional experiences with innovative technology

Our customer experience management programs are action oriented and help you understand your customers so that you can deliver positive experiences, increase advocacy and loyalty and create impact.

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Customer Experience Management

An action-oriented program

Our programs are action-orientated. That means you can move beyond simply measuring customer experience and turn up the dial on improving it.  In-built action plans so that you can mobilize your team to improve customer experience, close loop feedback for case management and trigger notifications for when performance falls below pre-defined thresholds, all add up to an impactful program that increases satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and ultimately, your bottom line

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Strategic Support

Our customer experience programs are supported by expert CX consultants to guide you on your journey.

From program design and implementation through to ongoing management, we ensure you get the maximum value from your investment.

Proven expertise

Understand and act on customer experience and reap the rewards

All of our programs have seen significant increases in overall satisfaction and recommendation since they launched – including increases of up to 38% for overall satisfaction and 32% for recommendation

Experience Management

Employee Experience

Harness the people power within your organisation, improve employee engagement
and, in turn, deliver great customer experiences.

Focus on your employees… your secret weapon for success

Our employee experience programs offer a fully flexible approach to employee engagement.  You can tap into your employee experience at all points in their journey with your company or look at longitudinal change within your organisation, using a series of short pulse surveys at defined intervals.  Alternatively, deep dive with a comprehensive bi-annual engagement program.

The result?  Satisfied and engaged employees deliver more positive customer experiences.

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Employees are your direct link to your customers

Enable your employees to capture their perceptions of customers’ experiences, solve common customer problems, share their solutions, and drive innovation through an employee insight community.

Harness the power of your people

Your people are your most important asset

As Denise Lee Yawn of the Harvard Business Review says, 'Customer Experience and Employee Experience are now two of the driving forces of business'. Knowing what your team members are thinking and feeling is your path to success. In our volatile environment, it's now more important than ever to check in with everyone in your team. If they're unhappy, you need to uncover why and set things right asap. Having the ideal tools for an ongoing dialogue with your people is critical to keeping them happy – and your business thriving.

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Key Features

All your bases are covered

Data centralisation

Build out your data universe, merging continuous feedback data, ad-hoc pulse surveys and operational data sets to create a powerful data asset for your business.

Change this

Send mobile optimised surveys throughout the customer journey via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Web Intercepts.

In-the-moment feedback

Deliver timely surveys at key points along the customer journey or employee lifecycle to capture more meaningful data, in-the-moment.

Closed loop feedback

Build custom rules to trigger real-time alerts and escalations, prompting your team to respond to customer issues quickly and convert detractors into promoters.

Macro trend identification

Identify macro trends and assign to relevant individuals within the business, focussing in on key business improvements to make real, long-lasting change to customer experiences.

Role-based access

Target content to specific users with role-based filters to control the flow of information and put actional data into the relevant hands.

One place to collect, one place to understand, one place to design and one place to action improvements.  Our single platform, complemented by our research services, offers all the solutions you need to drive business improvement through  human understanding.